The bespoke placement service to find your key executives. Where quality counts - an organisation is only as good as its people, and it is important that an organisation recruits people who are motivated and know how to contribute to the success of the company, at any level. 


On top of this, we know the right places to look and the right places to advertise and frequently carry out discreet searches for our clients globally. This unique set of skills enables our clients to target their key recruitment in the most effective manner possible. 


Finding good people can be difficult, and finding ones that will be suited to, and fit into an organisation, its cultures and ambitions, is a frequent challenge. Add to this the specialist skills that may be required and experience needed when working in an offshore finance environment, and finding key staff at any level in any industry sector becomes a serious business. Specialising in offshore recruitment – at hr solutions we understand the offshore world, its particular needs and peculiarities. We appreciate the legal and regulatory necessities and we have extensive knowledge of all things relating to the international workforce, including issues such as immigration, tax and social security compliance, as well as the additional local issues.


Discreet and professional

You are assured of a discreet and confidential service. We take a hands on approach and like to establish early on what drives you and your organisation, and to discuss with you your aims, desires and objectives.

Of course, we will discuss in detail your specific placement requirements before suggesting the optimum route open for you to find the best person for the position.  We typically have at any one time a substantial number of candidates registered with us for review or we may advertise the position in the agreed media. This can either include your organisation’s name and logo or, as is more usual, we can use the hr solutions brand letting you remain totally anonymous.


For a confidential discussion on how we can assist you please do not hesitate to contact us.