Occupational Testing

Girl_Window_w2The SHL accreditation we have enables us to offer your organisation workplace talent assessment solutions - including ability and personality tests, and psychometric assessments in more than 50 countries and in 30 languages.

Ability Screening & Testing ability tests are recognised as the single most effective method of predicting job success, ability tests measure a candidate’s current ability and future potential. Using ability tests as part of your recruitment and development process ensures you’re getting the right people into the right roles in your organisation. The benefits of using ability assessments and tests as part of your recruitment and selection process are:

* Reducing recruitment costs. Ability tests identify unsuitable candidates early on in the recruitment process ensuring only the highest calibre candidates make it through to the interview stage
* Getting the right person for the job. Ability screening and testing ensures that the candidates you hire have all the competencies you’ve identified as being essential for the job
* Making recruitment fairer. Providing a means of objective assessment ensures that every candidate is considered on the same basis
* Recognising potential. Ability testing looks further than skills that have already been required and identifies future potential

Fair and effective

Ability tests also help to ensure that candidates leave the recruitment process with a favourable impression of the company, whether or not they were successful in their application. Particularly when administered as an online assessment, ability tests provide an objective means of assessing potential candidates making the recruitment process fair for all applicants.

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